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Download Free WooCommerce Upload Files Nulled CodeCanyon 11442983
Upload any file any size from the product, cart, checkout, thank you and/or order details pages! Preview images, add additional costs, fees, and many more options!

url: https://www.codecanyon.eu/wcuf/wp-admin/
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pass: demo

To receive automatic updates just install and configure the Envato updater plugin: https://goo.gl/pkJS33 .The official guide that explains how to configure it can be found in the following link: https://envato.com/market-plugin .

WooCommerce Upload files allow you to upload an unlimited number of files, without any file size restriction. Thanks to its innovative chunk upload technology, it can upload any file without restriction.EMAIL NOTIFICATION & ATTACHMENTS
As Shop Admin, do you want to be notified whenever a user uploads a file and you want to receive the download link directly via email? Now you can!
For each upload field, you can now enable an “Email notification” option.
If you like you can also receive the uploaded files directly in your inbox, thanks to the “Attach uploaded file” option. Furthermore you can also specify multiple recipientsemail addresses!

NOTE: Some servers have restrictions preventing wp_email() to send attachments bigger than 5mb. If you are experiencing this kind of problem, you can simply install any SMTP emailer plugin. This kind of plugins will let you use any external email services (like Gmail, outlook, any SMTP server) to send emails.

The WCUF plugin embeds a crop image editor that allows your customers to crop an image before uploading it.
To enable the embedded editor, the shop admin has just to enable the option in the Image media file section in the upload field configuration tool and set the Cropped image width and Cropped image height values. These values are the sizes that the image will have after cropping process.

Note on rotation: rotation process is performed server side. In caso of large images, make sure that your server has enough allocated memory otherwise the rotation process may fail. To increase server memory try editing the wp-confing.php file inserting the following statement: define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘1024M’ ); (where 1024M is the memory you wish to allocate, try increasing if it is no enough) or edit the PHP.ini file increasing the memory_limit setting.PRODUCT PAGE UPLOADS
Optionally, is now possible to upload files also before adding item to the cart! (in this case some features are not avaiable)

Shop admin can configure the upload fields to be visible directly on the Product page!
In this way your customers can upload a file (or multiple files according to the “multiple files for single field” option) directly from the product page.

NOTE: Upload fields by default are associated to distinct products in cart. So if the user is adding for example Product 1 (quantity 3) and you have created 2 upload fields, the plugin will display only 2 upload fields not 6 (because there is only 1 product in cart with quantity 3, not 3 distinc products).
If you want add the same product multiple times to cart (in this way the plugin will associate distinct upload fields for each item in cart) use the Individual productsfeature explained next.

In case of variable product page, if the field has been configured to be visible before adding to the cart and checked the Enable one upload field for every single product variation option, it will be showed only once a variation has been selected. More in details: The user has to choose a variation on the product page and once done, the plugin will show the associated upload field.

Furthermore is also possible specify where the uploads fields box have to be displayed (before/after variable options dropdowns, product description, etc.) or using the special [wcuf_product_page_upload_form] you can render the upload form inside any product text area supporting shorcodes!

NOTE: Make sure the theme used is using all the standards WooCommerce product page template hooks.
If the [wcuf_product_page_upload_form] is used the standard upload field managment for Product pages MUST been disabled (to do that Options -> Forced disabling upload fields standard managment -> Product pages )

Would you like to add same product different times to cart in order to upload distinct files? For example, you want to sell Business cards so you would like to allow your customers to add that product multiple times to cart and then upload distinct files for each item? Now you can!
Using the Individual products configurator you have just to select the product and/or the categories you wish to be sold as an individual. In this way each time the users add one of the selected product, the plugin will add to cart as a distinct product. In this way, the customer will be able di upload different files for each item in the cart.

Every upload can be configured to be visible on cart, checkout and orders pages! Check plugin options to eventually change field positioning!

Shop admin can also enable the required option. In this case on the shop page for all the products matching the upload field, the Add to cart buttons are disabled and replaced by a View button that forces Customer to enter in the product page.

In the product page if the field has been configured to be visible before the product is added to the cart, the plugin will try to hide the add to cart button (with some theme not 100% WooCommerce compliant this feature could not work). So the user is forced to upload files before he is able the item to the cart.

Furthermore, on Checkout page, if all not the required uploads have not been performed, the customer will not be able to place the order! The plugin will display a notice letting the Customer know which uploads are missing.

In case you have configured the upload field to be showed after the product is added to the cart or if the item was in the cart and the user deletes a required upload, the plugin will try to deny the page leave showing a warning message until all the required files have not been uploaded! (NOTE: some browsers, for security reasons, may not permit this denial).
For a less aggressive requirement check, go to Options and in the Allow user to leave page in case of required field select Yes option. Doing so the user will be prompted only at first-page leave with a warning message on the next try he will be able to normally leave the page.

Fields can optionally be visible/invisible according to the current user role!

Fields can be optionally be visible/unvisible only if the order selected payment method is among the selected ones during the field configuration!

NOTE: This field is only available for fields displayed in Order details and Checkout pages.

Using the Options menu you can choose where the upload fields have to be positioned in the Product, Cart and Checkout pages! (This is done using the standard WooCommerce hooks, NO custom positioning)

By default for every field is possible to upload only a single file, but optionally WCUF gives also the possibility to upload multiple files using a single upload field. In this case, is also possible to configure the maximum number of uploadable files and file size.
Once files are uploaded, WCUF will create a .zip file containing all the uploaded files.
Number of uploadable files for a single upload field can also be “bounded” to product quantity in cart or purchased (Option is not available for Product page if the “show upload field before adding an item to the cart” option is enabled), in this way the customer cannot upload more than X files for a field (Where X is the quantity of the item purchased/in cart).

NOTE: Multiple files for single field upload feature requires the PHP feature “ZipArchive” commonly available in most web host services. If not active, this feature will be not available.

In case of multiple files upload for a single upload field, enabling the special option by going in Upload files Configurator -> Options menu and the selecting Yes option on the Enable quantity selection section, For each uploaded file will be enabled an input box that will allow the customer to select a quantity value.
For example, a printing service that is selling a 100×100 print sercvice. A customer is buying 5 items of 100×100 print and he would like to print 3 copies for the first file and 2 for the second. Thanks to the quantity option, he can set as quantity for the first uploaded file as 3 and 2 for the second!

Through the Options to enable the special option that will automatically set the product cart quantity according to the number of uploaded files (and their quantities in case of multiple files fields)! This feature is particularly useful if you want to set special discounts or assign product price according to the cart quantity!
If you need a tool for that, give an eye to my WooCommerce Pricing & Discounts! plugin!

Is now possible to dynamically assign a price to a cart item according to the extra costs associated to its upload fields! For example, is now possible to assign a price to a product according to the number of the uploaded files!

WCUF allows setting extra fees for every uploaded file. It works also if the multiple files uploads for single field option has been enabled. The shop admin can choose to overcharge a fixed value or a percentage of the original price (like an additional 20% extra for every uploaded file).

Furthermore is possible to set also an “Overcharge limit” beyond which the customer will no be overcharged for additional uploads and set “Extra cost free” for the first N uploaded files (including quantity).
For audio/video files (most common extension) is also possible overcharge an extra cost per each second (the media file has to have well encoded ID3 info, otherwise the plugin cannot detect the needed info)!

For PDF is now possible to compute extra costs according to the number of pages of the uploaded files. The shop admin can also set how many free pages and the maximum number of extra chargeable pages.
NOTE: The PDF file must be a valid PDF encoded file.

To apply a Discount for each uploaded file you have just to set a negative value in the extra cost value! In this way the plugin will apply a negative fee to the cart to apply the discount!

For each upload field, it is possible to apply a percentage discount to the Checkout subtotal if at least one file has been uploaded.

Using the Text menu voice is possible to customize button texts used to upload, delete, crop, etc. files.
If your site is using WPML, you can set button texts for each language! You have only to switch language using the WPML language selector and then set texts!

Upload field titles, descriptions, disclaimer texts, etc. can be translated using the String translation WPML menu and selecting the WooCommerce-files-upload-field-text domain!

Upload Fields in Cart, Checkout, Order and Shortcode pages are now responsive. They are grouped and displayed in row and row elements width can be set via the option menu. By default, the plugin displays one upload field per row.SHORTCODES
Would you like to show the upload fields form only on a specific page? or maybe would you like to render the upload form in a custom area or in a text area during the checkout proces? Now you can!
WCUF plugin exposes the following shorctodes to be used according your needs:
  1. [wcuf_upload_form]: It will render an upload form with all the upload fields that match the products currently added to the cart in any area supporting shortcode system. It CANNOT be used in the Products, Cart or Checkout pages.
  2. [wcuf_product_page_upload_form]: It will render the Product page upload form in any area supporting shortcode system. It can be uses ONLY in the Product page.
  3. [wcuf_cart_page_upload_form]: It will render the Cart page upload form in any custom area supporting shortcode system. It can be uses ONLY in the Cart page.
  4. [wcuf_checkout_page_upload_form]: It will render the Checkout page upload form in any custom area supporting shortcode system. It can be uses ONLY in the Checkout page.
  5. [wcuf_upload_form_last_order]: It will render an upload form with all the upload fields that match the products bought in the last order for the currently logged user. It CANNOT be used in the Products, Cart or Checkout pages.
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