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What is If So?
People are not the same,so why show them the same content?
Ifplay_arrowSo is a simple WordPress plugin,allowing you to add or replace content on yourwebsite based on the visitors’ profile or interactionwith the site. Your visitors will engage,convert and buy more!
3 reasonsWhy users love If So?
  • Set Dynamic Contentin Minutes
  • No Coding RequiredIntuitive Interface
  • No Pageload Delay,Smoother User Experience
The conditions
Maximum flexibilitysegmenting your visitors
Set content according to the visitor’s country, city, state, continent or timezone
Start & End Date
Schedule content changes between a range of dates
Schedule content according to the time of the day and day of the week
Browser Language
Attract attention with a message in your visitor’s language
Dynamic Link
Generate a special link and show specific content only to visitors who arrive through it
Referral Source
Customize the content to visitors referred from a chosen domain or webpage
Device Type
Load different content on desktops, tablets, or mobiles
Logged-in Users
Show or hide content if the visitor is logged in (or was logged in) to your site
Referral Source
Replace calls to action according to the number of visits a user visited in the site
Time Zone
Show different content to visitors from different time zones
Pages visited
Customize the content to visitors who have been visited a chosen page on your website
UTM Parameters
Set content changes based on the UTM parameters
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